Shutting down Cocoon

It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing our beloved service, Cocoon.

We started Ludei/Cocoon because we believed the future of app and game development would be based in HTML5. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and native development is stronger than ever.

Along our journey we have laughed and cried with you, and learned valuable lessons. And it is now inevitable to wind down the service as we never managed to make it profitable.

It has been a long journey and we sincerely thank each one of you for your years of love and support for Cocoon.


In case you are interested in migrating your Cocoon project to Cordova we have created a Cocoon/Cordova migration guide to make this easier to everybody.

Shutdown schedule

  • 2.4.2019 : Notice of Cocoon service discontinuation. Billing stopped.
  • 2.11.2019: Unable to perform compilations.
  • 2.18.2019: Unable to log in to Cocoon.
  • 2.28.2019: Termination of the Service. Unable to access Cocoon. Customer service closed.

We will not retain copies of any of your data from that date on. Accordingly, you are encouraged to download and keep copies of your data if you wish to have access to it in the future.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Best regards,

The Cocoon Team.

22 Comments Shutting down Cocoon

  1. Zlo13

    Sad news…
    I will miss you very much, you were the best, the speed was like that of the native on mobile platforms and if it were not for your speed I would have left html5 for a long time …

  2. Alexander

    No! No! Very much companies uses HTML5 + JS in their projects. For example, Lumosity, Sworkit and others.

    Cocoon the best solutions for pack HTML5 games to mobile apps with incredible performance. Others solutions (like Ionic) not focused on Canvas performance.

    Do you have any charts or usage statistics for your service? Write about this article?

  3. Kazini

    Please allow us to contribute in order for Cocoon to stay up or make it open sourced! I just found out about Cocoon recently and without it i wouldn’t have gotten this far tinkering and being motivated to keep learning and creating projects, this will hurt.

  4. Dario

    Is’nt there a competitor who wants to buy you? Perhaps Adobe … they could need a service like yours to pimp up their orphan Phonegap.

    My best wishes to you. And I hope your next project will be a cool success story.

    You’ve earned it !!!

  5. L. Enrique Mangas

    Una noticia muy triste. Equipo, habeis hecho un trabajo excelente y nos habeis hecho más fácil el desarrollo de apps y juegos a muchos creadores. Ojalá hubiese podido contribuir económicamente como os mereceis, pero no pudo ser y supongo que por ahí también vienen los motivos de vuestro cierre. Muchas gracias por haber creado Cocoon. Sort i salut!

  6. PJF

    Can you specifically sell your canvas + technology to Google or Cordova or make it open source so that another build software creator might take it up????

  7. Joscha

    Can we expect it to go further with Canvas+ , are there existing plans. Or is it realy dieing right now.

    please give us some reply


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