Cocoon Beta Update

This week we have deployed a new Cocoon cloud version and these are some of the main things we have been working on.


  • Help links: We have added help links in places where we think you may need more information.
  • Compilation errors: Now the compilation status icon is also clickable when a compilation fails and it will open a dialog with the compilation log.
  • Projects order: The project list is ordered by last compilation time instead of creation date.
  • Platform version: The cordova platform version is now shown in the platform settings top right corner, so you know which cordova version are you using. The cordova version is attached to the Cocoon version that you can configure in the project settings.
  • Plugin parameters: We have added support for plugin parameters in the compiler so the plugin will receive the parameters you set in a plugin when installing.


  • Webview+ cache: The Webview+ cache was not being cleared between launches when using the Developer App. It’s now fixed.
  • Local zip file in Webview+ iOS: Using local zip files with Webview+ in iOS was not working correctly. Now local and remote zip files should work correctly along with remote urls.
  • AdColony plugin iOS: We have fixed an issue with AdColony plugin for iOS that was crashing at compile time because a dependency was missing.
  • Support for queryselector in Canvas+: We have added support for queryselector in Canvas+ because some plugins like the whitelist plugin need it.

You can expect a new release next week with some new features and more bug fixes. In the meantime please keep on sending bugs, feature requests or any kind of feedback, that’s gold for us!.

Thanks for using Cocoon!

The Cocoon Team

3 Comments Cocoon Beta Update

  1. AvatarDaniel Beck

    Compiling cordova applications with the webview+ plugin doesn’t work anymore with this release.

    Something went wrong during the compilation of your project
    Plugin(s) found in your project
    The command 'plugin add' failed. We cannot install the plugins you've provided, this is most likely not a problem with CocoonJS itself. Check the configuration of your plugins (it can be found inside the plugin.xml file of each plugin).

    The same code used to work 1 week ago, before this release.

    Can you provide us information about when this problem will be resolved?

  2. AvatarCanGame

    The file sizes are now larger since you guys have combined both the arm and x86 architecture into one apk. I feel you should allow the option for us to upload them separately as this increases my file size by a large sum……


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