Cocoon Cloud SDK 2.0.0 Update

The new Cocoon Cloud SDK has been released. The Cocoon Cloud SDK is the easiest way to integrate the cloud compiler in any service or app. With this simple API, anyone can authenticate with their account and create, update and compile HTML5 projects in the cloud programmatically.

This new version brings a bunch of new functionalities.

  • Now you can also modify the icons and splashes of each project.
  • The Signing Key API has been added to the SDK.
  • The performance in NodeJS environments has been improved.
  • We said goodbye to callbacks and this new version welcomes Promises to handle async work.
  • With this update a complete Gulp sample is also included to help you use the SDK from the start.
  • Now you can read the full documentation at

Drop us an email at if you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum User requesting the credentials to use the SDK and install the new version as a dependency of your project with:

npm install cocoon-cloud-sdk

Or check out the repository here. And test it in your browser before installing it with Runkit!

Cocoon Beta Update – Forums, plugins and fixes

The Cocoon Forums are finally available!

We have created categories for all the subjects we think that are interesting for the Cocoon community. The Cocoon forum is the best place to talk to other community users or Cocoon developers, report bugs, make suggestion, contribute tutorials, show your work or just talk about life.

To log in the Cocoon forums you have to use a Cocoon cloud account.

Bug Fixes

Apart from the Forums, we have also been working on some bug fixes that you have reported through the feedback widget or mail:

  • Cordova events in Canvas+: The back button and volume button events were not being correctly dispatched in Canvas+. That’s now fixed.
  • DevApp issues launching files: We have fixed an issue that made the Cordova js files (cordova.js, cordova_plugins.js, etc) not to be available when you launched your app in the Android DeApp from a zip file. This is something we do just in case you haven’t bundled the Cordova files inside your zip file.
  • Canvas+ internal Webview issue: There was an issue in Canvas+ Android that made the Canvas+ internal Webview not to be available. That is now fixed.


We have also published some new Cocoon plugins that you might find useful for your developements:

  • Game Center Social iOS: This gives access to the social Game Center API: Game Center login, leaderboards and achievements.
    Game Center, source, doc, api
  • Game Center Multiplayer iOS: This gives you access to the multiplayer Game Center API so your users can play real time multiplayer matches.
    Game Center, source,doc, api
  • Google Play Games Social Android: This gives access to the social Google Play Games API: Google Plus login, leaderboards and achievements.
    Google Play Games, source, doc, api
  • Google Play Games Multiplayer Android: This gives you access to the multiplayer Google Play Games API so your users can play real time multiplayer matches.
    Google Play Games, source, doc, api

Remeber that all these plugins are Open Source and officially supported by the Cocoon Team and you can easily add them to your developments through the “Cocoon” section in the Cocoon cloud plugins interface.


We have been working on improving our Documentation. We have added a new specific section for Canvas+ explaining all its special features: screencanvas, texture reducer, internal webview, etc. Hope you find it useful.

So that’s all for the moment, hope you enjoy this new features!

Thanks for using Cocoon!

The Cocoon Team