Canvas+ Plugin 2.2 Update

We have updated the Canvas+plugin version (for both iOS and Android)  with some bugfixes and new features.

To get this new features you just need to compile with the latest Cocoon version in the cloud.

Canvas+ improvements

  • Added support for Cookies in Android XHR.
  • window.location.href = URL to work.
  • Made getAttribute to return null if the attribute is not found. Previously it returned an empty string.
  • Improved XHR related error messages.
  • Added postMessage support to window.
  • Support for the anchor tag/element.
  • Added “hasAttribute” and “classList” to every node.
  • Added search to location.
  • Added JSON support for XHR connections and fixed a bug that was passing “undefined” to user and password in XHR open commands (did break connections in Android with JQuery).
  • Added minor modifications to make Canvas+ more JQuery and Construct2 (non CocoonJS export) friendly.
  • Added srcElement to every event instance.
  • Added DOMParser, querySelector and querySelectorAll.
  • Added getElementsByClassName.

Canvas+ extensions

  • Added secure text option for the text dialog
  • When a canvas object is disposed from javascript, dispose the context too.
  • Added XHR Dispose.
  • Only allow input capture on canvas and image HTML Elements.

Canvas+ bug fixes

  • Store vertexAttribPointerData in the WebGL defender. These fixes some conflicts with canvas2d and wangle renderer (specially on Pixi V3).

Cordova related

  • Added support for Cordova online/offline events.

Hope you enjoy this new Canvas+ version!

5 Comments Canvas+ Plugin 2.2 Update

  1. AvatarRoman

    I use Construct2, will the cocoonjs plugin work with this canvas?
    What version of Cordova will the compiler support? Hope to see your new web soon.

  2. AvatarAndrey

    This empty project for last version construct2


    [36m[2018-02-13 13:33:17.588] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder – [39m[prepare] cordova restore platforms
    [36m[2018-02-13 13:33:17.602] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder – [39m[prepare] adding engine android@6.2.3
    Subproject Path: CordovaLib
    Subproject Path: CordovaLib
    [36m[2018-02-13 13:33:22.820] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder – [39mundefined


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