Cocoon Cloud SDK 2.0.0 Update

The new Cocoon Cloud SDK has been released. The Cocoon Cloud SDK is the easiest way to integrate the cloud compiler in any service or app. With this simple API, anyone can authenticate with their account and create, update and compile HTML5 projects in the cloud programmatically.

This new version brings a bunch of new functionalities.

  • Now you can also modify the icons and splashes of each project.
  • The Signing Key API has been added to the SDK.
  • The performance in NodeJS environments has been improved.
  • We said goodbye to callbacks and this new version welcomes Promises to handle async work.
  • With this update a complete Gulp sample is also included to help you use the SDK from the start.
  • Now you can read the full documentation at

Drop us an email at if you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum User requesting the credentials to use the SDK and install the new version as a dependency of your project with:

npm install cocoon-cloud-sdk

Or check out the repository here. And test it in your browser before installing it with Runkit!

Add NPM packages for your hooks

We didn’t foresee heavy scripting in the hooks of the project, but from now, you can upload NPM packages alongside your hooks to create complex scripts to be executed.

The structure of the inside of your Zip file should be:
 |- www (your app)
 |- config.xml (optional)
 |- hooks (optional)
 |   `- script_example.js
 `- node_modules (optional)
     `- npm_package/

This allows you to modify the AndroidManifest or Xcode configuration files much more easily, for example.

Cocoon Cloud SDK 2.0.0 released as alpha

A new version of our SDK has been released. It’s in alpha for the moment, but after a few improvements we are preparing, we hope this new version of the SDK will be easier to use by the users.

To use this new SDK use the instructions found in the repository.

We want to make it easy for our users to integrate this tool into their workflow to speed up the development of your applications.