Introducing the new Cocoon Beta -now open!

During the last months we have been working on building the greatest possible cloud service for HTML5 developers. We have been HTML5 pioneers with our previous CocoonJS Cloud providing the fastest canvas renderer with Canvas+ and offering services integration. It has been a great experience but we felt that some things could be improved and so we did.

Now you can ask for an invitation to start using it at

Today we just launched the new Cocoon Beta. We will start sending invitations progressively during the Beta period so if you request an invitation today you can expect an invitation in your mailbox soonish. If you show us some love tweeting about @cocoon_io, we’ll move you up the waiting list.

What can you expect from the new Cocoon?

During the platform design we wanted to focus in three main aspects:

  • Being Cordova compliant
  • Ease of use
  • Performance


Cordova compliant

The new Cloud is completely compatible with Cordova, which means that you could take your existing Cordova projects, compile them in the Cocoon cloud and they will just work. You can use any Cordova/Phonegap plugin in your project in an easy way using our plugin management system. You can also sign your applications uploading your certificates and you will get a signed application for iOS an Android. Simple.

Ease of use

One of our main goals was to make a really usable and simple service, so there were a few things we wanted to improve over Cordova:

  • Installations: Event though we are Cordova compliant, we wanted to avoid people installing Cordova tools, platforms, SDKs and keeping all that up to date. We do all that for you.
  • Simple and intuitive: One of the biggest Cordova hassles is to have to edit XML configuration files and use the command line tools for everyday things like installing plugins. Now using the Cocoon cloud service you can configure your Cordova application and manage icons, plugins and signing in a really simple way.
  • Development workflow: Another bothering task when using Cordova is to have to use the command line tools to test your Cordova development, even with things like Cordova “serve” you need to have the Cordova tools installed locally. With the Cocoon cloud you can build a Developer App that will just have the same configuration and plugins as your final application but with all the available webview engines builtin so you can test and compare between them. You can launch local zip files or remote URLs. Just compile your Developer App once and use it during your whole development cycle.


We have made Canvas+ and Webview+ fully Cordova compliant and available as Cordova plugins in the new Cocoon cloud. You can now choose Canvas+ or Webview+ as the default webview engine in your project and use them along with any other Cordova/Phonegap plugin. Also, now the Android Webview+ is based on Crosswalk. Remember that the Developer App includes all of them so you can compare and see what fit your needs best.


We are working everyday in adding more and more amazing features to the Cocoon platform so you can expect new surprises soon.

We hope you enjoy the new Cocoon cloud service and remember that we are eager to get your comments using the feedback widget or our support email. We want to improve our service with your suggestions!

The Cocoon Team